Personal LifeEdit

In the end an honorary member of the Irregulars, Iris is known as the little girl who is always saving the Irregulars lives. She is often picked on by Oona, as she is the youngest and smallest of the Irregulars, and also enthusiastic, chirpy, perky and slightly clumsy and overeager. She is eleven, though is also credited for looking like an eight year old with chubby cheeks. Iris is first mentioned in the series in the first book, as she encounters the Irregulars as they are escaping from the shadow city through her home. She often wears frilly dresses as part of plans. She's saved the Irregulars' lives more than once.

Iris McLeod


9 (Kiki Strike - Inside the Shadow City), 11 (Kiki Strike and the Empress' Tomb)


Unnamed parents that collect masks

Occupation on the Irregulars

Chemist, actress...

Eye Color


Hair Color

Light blonde

First Appearance

Kiki Strike - Inside the Shadow City