Shiva is the secretary and atendant of Mr. and Mrs. Parker. She called Arthur "Artie" in a way that made Ananka "nauseous".

Physical AppearanceEdit

"We were buzzed inside and greeted by a young woman dressed in designer jeans, a hoodie and a Che Guevara T-shirt. Her glasses were self-consciously cool and her higlighted hair pulled back in a playful ponytail"

- Ananka describes Shiva.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"'Hey guys!' she sang as if she was overjoyed to see us. 'I'm Shiva. Are you here to see Jane and Artie?'

'Who?' I asked. Shiva frowned.

'Do you have an appointment?' she demanded on a far less friendly tone"

- Ananka and Shiva first meet.

Shiva was "clearly paid to put children at ease" for Mr. and Mrs. Parker. When she first talked to the girls, she was joyful but it didn't take long for her to show her less friendly side, meaning she probably isn't as nice as she seems when talking to the children.


Arthur ParkerEdit

"Artie, there are three girls here who say they know Phineas... Okay... May I take them to the wating room? ... Oh, Artie, you're so brilliant... Okay... Thank you, Artie"

- Shiva talks to Arthur Parker on a walkie-talkie

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